Here are the answers for the most frequently asked questions we receive about campervan (motorhome, RV) rental. If you cannot find the answer to your question below please email us directly with your camper van rental questions at contact@origin-campervans.com


How do I make a booking?

First of all, you can get a quote and a pre-booking via our website (you will have to enter your credit card details).
We will confirm the availability of the vehicle and send you back a booking confirmation, and only then 50% of the total amount will be debited from your account.
You can choose as well to pay by phone. In this case, one of our friendly staff will make the payment directly with you. This deposit is deducted from the balance which is due on the pick-up date.

Do I get my money back if I want to cancel?

If you decide to cancel, you will get  your money back  (administrativ fees deducted) if you decide to cancel at least 6 weeks before the day of the departure. After this date, all the money paid will be kept.

How can I pay?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Eurocard.

What deposit is required when I collect my Origin Campervan?

Origin Campervans combines the Insurance Excess, Security Deposit and Cleaning Deposit into one deposit payment. 1500€ for the Transporter or 1800€ for the California. This deposit is payable by credit card only on collection. (Please check prior your credit limit with your bank !)

  • The van must be returned  in a clean condition (inside and outside), and the fuel tank full.
  • All items and equipement  must returned  in clean and full working condition.
What does insurance cover?

Insurance is part of the cost of the rental and includes Fully Comprehensive Insurance.
All of our camper vans are also provided with 24 hour roadside assistance across all Europe.

Please note the insurance excess amount is 1500€ for the Transporter and 1800€ for the California.

What is the minimal rental period ?

There is a minimum of 3 days rental from September to end of May. And the minimum hiring period is 7 days from June to end of August. For all others special queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, we can be flexible ...

What do we need to bring on pick-up day?

When you come to collect your van, the driver has to bring a valid ID (passport), and his driving license. He must hold a driving license for at least 2 years.

All non EU drivers must hold an International drivers' permit to drive in Europe.
Plus, the driver must present us a credit card on his name to pay the deposit.

What equipment is supplied for the camper van?

You will find all you need in the Origin Campervan:  Large bed, electric cooler (fridge in California), gas burner,  water tank, sink, Cooking and heating utensils: electric hook up cable, camping table,  chairs.
You might want to bring a torch and bedding with you. (You can hire sheets and blankets in option).

All camper vans have CD/radio player so, don’t forget to bring along some tunes too!

Where can I park overnight with my camper van?

Almost everywhere!
The van’s height, under 2 m, allows you to park  in area usually not accessible to the classic camping car (often near the beach areas..).
Although, locals laws apply and remember that you will be responsible for every fine you get! Check the signs!
You can park as well in all the camping grounds in France and Europe that offer excellent facilities for a minimal cost.

Which category of pricing will I be charged at the tolls?

Because of the vehicle’s height under 2 m, the camper van is considered as Class 1 category which applies to the cars.

How many people can travel in a Origin Campervan?

Legally up to 3 people can seat at the front of the Transporter.
You can also squeeze 3 peoples in the king size bed. But to be honest, the 3rd one  better be a small person!!

The California can sleep 4 people easily, there are also 4 seating belt.

Is smoking allowed?

No, Smoking is strictly prohibited by law in France in rental vehicles.

What is the best time to visit France?

The main season is March to late October.
Clients wishing to book outside of these dates should be advised of the limited campsite facilities.
However, Southern France Mediterranean climate could be pleasant all year round.
July and August are the busiest months for visiting France.

Is the vehicle equipped with A/C?


Will we be warm enough in winter?

You most certainly will. All our campers have insulation, heaters and warm winter duvets.

The California has also a stationnary heater.

What about all the luggage I have?

Under the camper van seats, there is plenty of storage space. We do recommend you bringing soft bags rather than hard cases.
If you still can't fit everything in, we can store bags in a secure lockup at our depots free of charge.
You can also take with you your kite surf equipment and other sport gear...

Do you have right-hand drive vans?

All our vans are all left-hand drive vehicles, as in every European countries except UK.

Do you have any automatic vehicles?

Not as yet, all our camper vans are manual gears.