Ideas to remember on durable tourism, and how to be a bit more ecologist:

Tourism in our economies doesn’t stop growing, but at the price of a polluted environment. Opening our mind and discovering the world is a great idea, still should it be done by taking care of our planet.
Travelling in a van allows to discover the treasure of France while being close to nature.
But using a motor vehicle still has its impact on mother nature, so we‘ve decided to use recent vehicle with very low carbon emission and to give you some small tips to make your trip  in a van even more ecological:

  • Share a van. It will allow you to divide the expenditure while carburizing and the environmental weight of the journey.
  • Compensate your CO² emissions by calculating your mileage and by financing organizations such as Action Carbon.
  • Control your speed. Avoid the motorways, the fastest you drive, the more you increase your gas  consumption. Driving thru the small roads is not only beautiful, but it is also more ecologic.
  • Air conditioning or not? There is a small debate with knowing what consumes less fuel while driving. To open the windows and break the aero-dynamism of the car or to put the air con on and consume a little more petrol? In fact, if you drive at low speed, you consume less fuel when you open the windows, but on the other hand if you are driving fast, as on a motorway, the friction of the open windows consumes more fuel. In short, downtown you open the windows and on the motorway put the air con on.
  • We voluntarily fitted our vans with a waste water container. This is to avoid the direct wild drainage of the used water under the van and allows you to empty in suitable places.
  • Needless to say that we rely on you to manage your garbage properly and in eco-friendly way.
  • Finally, more and more organizations allow you to travel everywhere throughout the world in eco-friendly residences or camp-sites “bio”.
  • It does worth it: you avoid the tourists catches and you travel for real. Not bad?

Of course, even if all these advise are applied, your van will still continue to pollute, but just a little less...
And it is better than nothing!