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Terms & Conditions of Rent

Principle of use

ORIGIN Campervans is registered in the company register of Roubaix/Tourcoing under the number 519 076 079 00010, the head office of which is located 239 Domaine de la vigne 59910 Bondues - FRANCE, which edits the websites and All booking in particular through its websites are subjected to the present terms and conditions of rent.

Publication manager : Céline Fauvarque

Article 1 - Acceptance of the terms and conditions

The rental of a Origin Campervans' vehicle implies acceptance, with no limit, of the general conditions defined here below. Origin Campervans reserves the right to modify the present terms and conditions at any time without advance notice. In case of modification, the applicable conditions will remain those current on the day of the request of booking by the Hirer. The Hirer declares to have acquainted with these terms and conditions of rent and accepts them without reserve.
 The Hirer recognizes expressly that only Origin Campervans is able to rent the vehicle. Any attempt of transfer or subletting of the vehicle by any person other than Origin campervans will be of no effect. The Hirer is authorized to use the vehicle only according the terms of the rental agreement and the present terms and conditions of rent.

The customer is the signatory of the rental agreement.

The contract is formed by the acceptance of the on-line customer of the present general conditions by clicking the icon " I accept".


Article 2 – Booking, Rates  & Payment

The hirer will make a booking online via our website by providing his details and date of hiring period.  After checking  the availability, Origin Campervans will send to the hirer via email a booking confirmation and  the payment  receipt  for the deposit (50% of the total amount of the hire rate ).
By payment of the deposit, the Hirer accepts the general  terms and conditions of  Origin Campervans. The remaining 50 %  must be paid on the pick-up day. The rental agreement and invoice will also serve as confirmation/proof of the booking.
The applicable rates of rent are the ones communicated by Origin Campervans at the time of the booking, and written on the rental agreement. Prices are quoted and charged in euro, including taxes (French VAT and the other applicable taxes if necessary). Origin campervans reserves the right to modify its prices at any time.  The price of the campervan rented is firm and guaranteed and will not be modifiable any more by Origin campervans including in the case of a fluctuation in the foreign exchange rate. The Hirer cannot ask for modification of the price paid in case of promotional offers proposed by Origin Campervans.

Any later modification of a booking can entail a change of rate:

The rate includes:

  • Daily hire rate + options
  • Unlimited mileage for any rentals over 14 days (14 days or under: 300kms/day + 0,25€/km)
  • Full Comprehensive Insurance for Europe
  • Full Breakdown & Roadside Assistance in Europe

 This rate does not include:

  • Fuel..
  • extra kilometric fees: 0,25€/km (applicable only for rentals of 14 days or less)
  • Reparation fees for damages caused by the hirer .
  • The over takings of schedule pulling a penalty fixed by Origin campervans.
  • The amount of 1500€ (or 1800€ for the california) deposit  kept by Origin campervans in the event of an accident or of damages in the vehicle with or without known third party.
  • The amount of any fines and contraventions.
  • Toll road

Article 3 - Rental agreement

A rental agreement will be established between the Hirer and Origin Campervans on the pick-up day. The rent is personal, and is only possible on presentation of the confirmation of booking  during the signature of the rental agreement.
The vehicle is supplied in roadworthy condition, clean, with fuel and water tanks full, fitted with standard equipment. It shall be returned in the same state.
The vehicle state is detailed in the inventory made on departure date. The hirer commits to check it and write down, before departure, any damage or loss that would not appear on the document. The hirer is liable for any damage not marked on the inventory and responsible for anything that happens to the campervan whilst under his care.
In case of  non restitution of standard equipment or optional equipment ,the Hirer will have to settle a sum corresponding at the expenses of restoration.
Gas cartridges will be supplied on pick-up, the vehicle must be returned with the same number of full cartridges. Otherwise each cartridge missing will be charged 5€. The non full filling of fuel tank will be billed 1,70€/L. Finally, a 70 € cleaning fee  will be charged against the deposit if the vehicle is not returned in clean condition. The inside and the outside of the vehicle will have to be clean.

Article 4 - Deposit

On day of departure, the Hirer will have to deposit 1500€ deposit or 1800€ for the california) by imprint of credit card to cover both the insurance excess in the event of collision and the proper return of the vehicle in same condition as it was presented  to the hirer.
In the event of accident or collision, the deposit will automatically be debited. In case of involved responsibility of the Hirer (by the insurance), the deposit will entirely be kept by Origin campervans. Should the opposite occur, the deposit will be restored to the hirer.
All the expenses engaged because of a repair of a damage  for which the Hirer is considered responsible with serious fault,  and then not taken care by the insurance, will be directly taken from the deposit. The Hirer will be asked to complete the amount by every possible means if the amount of expenses is superior to the amount of the deposit.
Origin campervans reserves the right to increase the security deposit for special events eg: festivals or rallies
The deposit cannot be used as a continuation of rent.

Article 5 - Hire period

"Hire Period" refers to the dates agreed in the Rental Agreement:

  • Rental is charged on a calendar day basis
  • Minimum rental is 3 days from September to end of May
  • Minimum rental is 7 days from June to end of August

Article 6 - Collection and return

  • Pick up –  by appointment from 9h30am until 3pm Monday-Friday. From 8am until 3pm on saturday. Allow 1 hour to complete the documentation, collection of deposit and demonstration of vehicle.
  • Drop off – by appointment. until 5pm Monday-Saturday .  Allow 1/2 hour to complete the return formalities. There are no refunds for early returns. The Vehicle will be handed over in a clean condition and in sound working order in accordance with the 'Departure Checklist'.

The vehicles are delivered and returned only in Origin campervans'depot.

No extension of the renting period can be made without prior approval of Origin campervans. In case the hirer does not return the vehicle on agreed date, Origin campervans can undertake official procedures for vehicle stealing or confidence abuse.
Any delays notified less than 2 hours prior will be charged 30€/hour. The vehicle will stay under the whole responsibility of the hirer till the hour of re-opening of Origin campervans.

Article 7 - Drivers related conditions

The Hirer proceeding to a rent with Origin campervans must hold a driving licence for at least 2 years. The Hirer will have to present, at the signature of the rental agreement, an ID of current validity,his driving license of current validity and international driving permit (for non EU non resident)  as well as a visa or mastercard to pay the deposit. And finally he shall supply his exact current address.  In case of no presentation of any of these documents, Origin campervans reserves the right not to rent the vehicle.  (no duplicate or copy will be accepted). Origin Campervans also reserves the right not to rent the vehicle  if the Tenant is not able of proceeding to the payment of the deposit. In every case, Origin campervans cannot be considered responsible for this refusal of rent and will not grant any compensation.

A second driver can be suscribed on the rental agreement with a supplement of 5€ / day.
In case the Hirer gets his license cancelled during the rent, and if there is no second driver named on the rental agreement, the Hirer will have to proceed to the repatriation of the vehicle at his own expenses and all the expenses.

Article 8 - Territory Conditions

The campervan must remain only in European countries (list at the back of green insurance card). In case of non compliance with this territory, the Hirer cannot claim to the advantage of the guarantee damage or theft of the Insurance and will entirely be responsible for any damage, loss or theft.

Article 9 - Use of the vehicle

Hiring a campervan implies the respect of driving rules. It is important to remember that:

  • The Hirer must drive in a cautious, prudent and normal manner without being in a state of excessive tiredness
  • It is forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
  • The Hirer has to let drive the vehicle only by drivers authorized on the rental agreement
  • The vehicle shouldn’t be used for illicit purposes or others than those planned by the manufacturer, nor overloaded by transporting a passengers number upper to one indicated on the car registration papers, nor used for the paying transport of passengers
  • The vehicle shouldn’t be left with the ignition key in or on  the vehicle while it is unoccupied (this invalidates insurance)
  • The vehicle shouldn’t be in contact with salt water
  • The vehicle should be used on appropriate roads for the car traffic, without participation in competitions, rallies or quite other competition whatever nature it is, nor to give driving lessons;
  • The vehicle shouldn’t be used to tow (or push) any vehicle or trailer
  • Origin Campervans are a smoke free zone ; cooking in the campervan is at the hirer’s own risk.
  • Pets are not allowed in the vehicle.
  • The Hirer makes a commitment to use the correct fuel, to verify the level of oil and the other liquids, to make necessary upgrades if necessary, to watch the temperature lights and to check tire pressure;
  • The Hirer must declare within 48H any accident  or damage.
  • The vehicle should be locked, parked in secured areas when not in use, and the keys and vehicle documents of the vehicle must be kept in secured places. The Hirer also makes a commitment to remove and to keep in secured places any device such as GPS, car radio, etc., when the vehicle is parked ;
  • The vehicle shouldn’t be used  to transport goods or objects forbidden by the legislation in force in the country or the countries where circulates the vehicle during the rent, not to transport luggage on the roof of the vehicle

Article 10 – Insurance

10.1. General conditions

Fully comprehensive insurance is provided by Origin Campers to the driver named on the rental agreement.

  • The guarantee applies to the following risks : Accidents ,Stealing and fire ,Natural disasters  and physical protection  of the driver and the passengers and also a civil liability.
  • Standard bond of 1500€ (or 1800€ for the california) will be charged on collection of a Camper. In the event of any damage to either the vehicle or third party property, ….
  • The vehicle is only insured for the period of the rent indicated on the rental agreement.

10.2. Assistance 24H / 24 – 7D / 7

24 hour Roadside Assistance is provided under the hire contract
It covers the assistance to the vehicle and to the persons transported in case of mechanic breakdown or accident. It takes care of: the expenses of towing (at the level of 300 €); the costs of hotel + breakfast at the level of 46 euros/night/pers. (maximum 2 nights );and, if necessary, the expenses of repatriation of the vehicle and the persons transported up to the point of departure of the rent.
This assistance is valid in all the countries appearing on the green card of insurance and. It works 24 hours a day/7 days a week and is accessible to the following number: 0033.

10.3. Exclusions from the insurance

The damages enumerated below are not covered by the insurance:

  • Incorrect refueling (ex: putting petrol into diesel tank)
  • Tires damaged or flat tyres.
  • The theft of a Origin Campervan will not be covered by insurance if the ignition keys are left in or on the vehicle whilst unoccupied and the hirer shall be held fully responsible for a replacement vehicle.

10.4. Obligation in case of incident

In order to be covered by the insurance, the Hirer makes the commitment to:

  • declaring to Origin Campervans within 24 hours and to the authorities of police any accident, theft or fire, even partial;
  • sending the report to Origin Campervans within 72 hours following the accident.
  • mentioning in his(her) statement the circumstances, date,
  • mentioning in his(her) statement the circumstances, date, place and the hour of the accident, name and address of witnesses, registration of the car of the third party, the name of his(her) insurance company and its policy number of insurance.
  • joining to this statement any police report, expert's report, if established;
  • discussing on no account the responsibility, or deal or compromise with third parties with regard to the accident;
  • in case of theft, of attempt of theft and vandalism, the Hirer will have to make the statement to the local authorities of police or gendarmerie and within 48 hours and will have to deposit a complaint. The Hirer will have to pass on to Origin Campervans the original of the complaint and keep a copy. He will have to give as soon as possible to Origin Campervans all the documents and keys of the vehicle. The no-return  of the vehicle's key will automatically cancel the theft warranty  and the invoicing of the totality of the value of the vehicle and expert's expenses.

In case of non compliance with these obligations, the Hirer would entirely be considered as responsible, Origin campervans reserving the right to prosecute against him/her.
The excess of 1500 € (1800 € for the California) will be processed in the case of any accident, irrespective of who is at fault. Reimbursement of the excess will occur where a 3rd party is deemed at fault and repair costs have been recovered (administrative fees deducted).
All the expenses of assistance which could be engendered further to an incident liking of the responsibility of the customer will be completely at his expense. The expenses of towing relative to a battery unloaded by the customer will so be chargeable to this one.
In case of accident caused by the hirer during which the van is seriously damaged or immobilized for 5 days or more, Origin campers  reserves the right to end the rental contract with no compensation nor refund. The costs of repairs or bond are still to be paid.
In case of theft of the Vehicle or damages caused because of the Hirer, or in the absence of identified third party, the Hirer will have to indemnify Origin campervans at the level of the effectively undergone damage (estimate by a report of the repairs, market value of the vehicle, expenses of immobilization, set-up fees, etc.).

10.5. Destitution of guarantee

The Hirer will lose the profit of all the insurances or guarantees in case he does not respect one of the measures of the present terms and conditions, within the framework of a false statement in the rental agreement and\or in the accident report, attempt of fraud, severe violation of the traffic rules or quite other liable fault committed deliberately, within the framework of a voluntary fact, suicide attempt, or to any illicit purposes. The non respect of conditions of this document will automatically lead to the cancellation of all forms of insurance and guarantees. The bond amount will no more be applicable and the hirer will be responsible for the whole damage in the conditions of his reliability.

Article 11 - Servicing & Repairs

All breakdowns or accidents must be declared to Origin Campervans with no delay. The normal mechanical wear is on Origin campervans’ charge.
All mechanical repairs coming from unusual wear or carelessness of hirer will be on hirer’s charge. Hirers will be fully accountable for, but not limited to the following: Engine overheating, running out of oil, running out of cooling water, flat vehicle battery, flat tires, incorrect selection of gears resulting in damage to the gearbox, incorrect fuel put into vehicle, getting the vehicle bogged.
In case the vehicle would be damaged or immobilized, the Hirer has the obligation to inform Origin Campervans without any delays.
The repairs can be made only after written agreement and according to the directives of Origin Campervans. They have to be the object of a settled invoice in Origin’s name. It's the same concerning the internal arrangement of the livable part ( heating, gas, water pump, etc.).In no circumstances the Hirer can demand compensation for the delay, the cancellation of rent or immobilization in the case of repairs made in the course of rent.
In the event of an accident or of serious mechanical problem, the Hirer has the obligation to warn Origin campervans immediately and to return to his point of departure at the hour which will then be fixed to him(her) by Origin campervans according to the gravity of the accident or otherwise at least 24 hours before the initially planned date of return, to allow Origin campervans to make the necessary repairs before the arrival of the following customer.

Article 12 - Violation of traffic laws and regulation

Driver(s) are personally liable for all legal penalties and fees pertaining to any traffic violation infringements under the current Road Traffic Legislation applicable in Europe. Fines are to be directly settled because, in defect, Origin Campervans will receive a notice of increased fine and in application of the article L121-2 of the Traffic rules, ORIGIN Campervans will communicate the address and details of the Hirer to the Police court(s) . In case of reception of penalty, statements by Origin campervans .

The Company may retake Possession of the Vehicle without prior demand and at your expense if you breach this agreement, or if the Vehicle is illegally parked, used in violation of any law or is in the Company’s opinion apparently abandoned. If Possession is retaken, any unexpired part of the Hire Period will there upon be extinguished without any refund to you.

Article 13 - Cancellation by Origin campervans

Origin campervans reserves the right to cancel a reservation in the following cases:

  • Named Driving License is not produced or valid in accordance with stated conditions.
  • Failure to provide funds for the  bond .
  • Over occupancy of vehicle, maximum 3 occupants, 4 people in the California.
  • Address on driving license does not match billing address. Additional proof of id is required.
  • Hirers from outside France must provide a valid passport and non EU resident must hold a international driving permit.

It is the Hirer responsibility to warn Origin campervans of any delay which he could have for the vehicle pick-up. Origin campervans can be on no account considered as responsible if it decides to make the campervan available without news from the Hirer within 48 hours. The Hirer can aspire on no account to any compensation if in case of late presentation without warning Origin Campervans, no vehicle could be available.
If a delay in the rent must happen because of a mechanical problem or for quite other reason, and if no solution could be found, Origin campervans makes a commitment not to charge the lost days. If  Origin Campervans is in the obligation to cancel totally the booking, the deposit will be restored entirely to the Hirer.
In no event, the Hirer can claim for damages for the delay in the delivery of a vehicle, for the cancellation of the rent or the immobilization in the case of repairs in the course of rent (flights, concert tickets).

Article 14 - Cancellation by the Hirer

In the event of a cancellation by the hirer the following charges shall be incurred:

  • Less than 6 weeks before the pick-up date: 50% of total hire will be charged.
  • More than 6 weeks before the pick-up date: all payment already made will be reimbursed entirely.

If the Hirer only wishes  to shorten his rent, the days not used won't be paid off.
If the Hirer is late the pick-up day, this one cannot aspire to any reduction of the price of the rent.

Article 15 - Responsibility of Origin campervans

Origin campervans cannot be considered responsible for any loss or damage (indirect or unpredictable) resulting from the rent, except in case of carelessness or serious offence of its part. Origin campervans can, on no account, be considered as responsible for any loss, damage or delay resulting from the loss or from the theft of the confirmation of booking sent by email to the customer and\or the use of this document by a third party.

Origin Campervans cannot be hold responsible for any loss or damage of the personnal vehicle parked within Origin's car park at 3 rue du Docteur Huart 59260 Hellemmes during the rental period.

Article 16 - Personal Information

By concluding a rental agreement with Origin Campervans, the Hirer accepts that Origin Campervans proceeds to the storage and IT processing of the data concerning him within the framework of the present terms and conditions, in the justifiable interest of Origin Campervans, including in the statistical purposes, of banking checks and protection of its possessions. In case of violation on behalf of the Hirer of the present terms and conditions, the data concerning him can be revealed or communicated to third parties, in the necessary measure for any procedure of covering or to protect its possessions against any damages.
The Hirer has the right of access, rectification and\or deletion of the data concerning him. To exercise this right, he/she need to send a mail to Origin Campervans- FRANCE.
In case of update of its data, Origin campervans will keep the information initially supplied during five years to prevent every risk of fraud or allow him(her) to conform to the regulations in force.

Article 17 - Legal notices - Announcement

Any complaint or announcement must be sent by mail to:

Origin Campervans
3 rue du Docteur Huart
N°RCS: 519 076 079 00010

The present terms and conditions of rent are subjected to the French law. 
Any disputes which could be born between Origin campervans and his(her) Hirers will be subjected to the exclusive competence of the French jurisdictions.